House Blessing / Cleansing / Smudging

Smudging is a sacred tradition that has been practiced throughout history and across many cultures. The “Sacred Smoke Bowl Ritual” is the ritualistic burning of herbs and plant resins in a shell or clay bowl while prayers of gratitude and wellbeing are said aloud. The smoke is traditionally fanned using the hand or a feather (eagle feathers are treasured for this) and directed over a person or throughout a living space. The purpose is to wash away impurities, sadness, anxieties, dark thoughts and any unwanted energies or emotions that may be clinging to a space or individual. This is often done before a ceremony or special gathering, after an argument (to literally “clear the air”), when moving into a new home, at the end of the cold season to re-invigorate one’s living space, create space for healing and on a variety of other occasions.  

Abalone shells are also a gift from the sea and, thus, symbolically represent the water element while the unlit herbs represent earth, the lit herb represents fire and the smoke represents air. In this way, the act of smudging invites Mama Gaia / Mother Earth into the center of the ceremony to hold space for any transformations that will occur.

Smoke is known as an ally that attaches itself to negative energy and carries it to another place to be repurposed into positive energy. It’s also seen to carry prayers out into the Universe. Here's a Native Prayer I often say while smudging:
"Creator, Great Mystery. Source of all knowing and comfort, cleanse this space of all negativity. Open our pathways to peace and understanding. Love and light fills each of us and our sacred space. Our work here shall be beautiful and meaningful. Banish all energies that would mean us harm. Our eternal gratitude."  – The Medicine Wheel Garden, E. Barrie Kavasch

Smudging is a very simple yet effective method of clearing a place, an object or a human being of negative energies. The most common plant used for smudging is sage, specifically white sage. When lit up the sage produces a very cleansing and pleasant smelling smoke that clears negativity or brings in positive vibrations and blessings. I find smudging to be a powerful way to clear stagnant energies and bring a renewed sense of wellness into my living and work space, that yields very real physical and spiritual benefits. If you would like to experience the benefits of smudging to bless and cleanse your home or work space, contact me.  The cost is between $100 - $200 depending on the size of the home or area to be blessed. 
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