Soul Light Wisdom

The Gift of a Broken Heart

When we put ourselves out there and open ourselves to the world, trusting, hoping and surrendering, we risk our hearts being broken.  Broken by a friend betraying us, a lover leaving us, being bullied.  We finally decide to open up and give everything to the relationship and trust completely, wanting to trust someone with our heart and our truth, only to be left abandoned, betrayed and heart broken.  When we're hurt by another person in this way, we often experience  grief and depression.  We all have these shared experiences, but how we move through them may be different. 

These experiences break us completely open if we'll allow it.  As we move through the grief and depression, our heart breaks open so deeply, it's difficult sometimes to put the pieces back together again.  But as we work through the feelings, we then transcend the grief and we are free to love even more deeply in every moment without needing to grieve the loss and the change that results. 

Being totally broken open brings forth beautiful energy of our higher self.  I've learned from the wisdom of my higher self that when someone breaks my heart, their actions are showing me what more there is for me to love in myself.  I'm not happy that people break my heart, but I am thankful.  As inconvenient, overwhelming, confusing and uncomfortable as it is, it is a gift.  I have to allow whatever hurt is revealed, and whatever pain has resulted from the relationship, to be a gift of transformation.  A transformation that breaks me open so deeply into a whole new reality and all the gifts that will come.  The gift of connecting to the world and everyone in it on a deeper level, holding more love and compassion in my heart than I ever thought possible.  My heart has expanded so much that whether anyone loves me back, I am still fulfilled by the love that I give.  I've learned that even when I'm betrayed and hurt by another person, to not feel affected by their behaviour anymore because their behaviour is about their journey not  mine.  I try not to blame people for their behaviour because I know it's just a matter of where they are at in their journey.  And although some relationships can be healed, transformed and restored, if someone is abusive, don't stay in the relationship!  Accept where they're at in their journey, and get out!  We have to be in a relationship where we are being respected.   

Our capacity to love others is limited only by our capacity to love ourselves.  When we feel betrayed, abandoned or hurt, this is because we have betrayed and abandoned ourselves.  When we  listen to our inner thoughts about ourselves and our actions or words, is our self-talk positive or negative?  Are our inner thoughts degrading, calling ourselves stupid or idiot for something we did or didn't do, said or didn't say?  If our self-talk is negative, then we're not loving ourselves, we've abandoned ourselves and we have  betrayed our beautiful soul.  If we don't like ourselves and don't love ourselves, how can we truly love another?  We have to spend time alone being with our self, practicing love, compassion and forgiveness towards ourselves and taking care of ourselves so that we can grow in self-love and become the most beautiful souls we can be. Then we can truly open our hearts to love and bless others.  

I share this with you because throughout my life on more than one occassion, I too have been deeply hurt to the level of not knowing how to put the pieces of my heart back together again.  But after doing a lot of soul work and practice of raising my vibration, only love remains.  And so, it is with a truly open heart that I say to everyone who has ever lashed out at me, criticized me, judged me, bullied me, hurt me, or betrayed me, "Thank you, may you be blessed"
I can say this because the pain of those relationships blessed my spiritual journey with the gift of real transformation.  Transformation that broke me open so deeply, it caused my heart to grow to overflowing with love for myself and for everyone I meet.  So again, "Thank you", most of my life has been a graceful blessing, and I am better from having known you.  Thank you for leaving me better than I was before you met me.

May you be filled with loving kindness.  May you be held in loving kindness.  May you feel connected and calm.  May you be well. 
May you be safe.  May you be peaceful and at ease.  

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