Soul Light Wisdom

How do we connect with our soul and express our soul’s light?  

Our soul gives us messages all the time.  These messages come
to us through our emotions and through our body.  To ground our soul’s inspiration, we have to let the light of our soul shine on the darkest emotions that are part of us.  The area of our belly, holds old fears - the remnants of deep emotional pain and sadness, and we have to address these in order to be able to express our light.  It is only when our soul’s light is allowed to shine on the darkest corner of ourselves, that inner transformation and liberation take place.  So to express our soul’s light in this world, we need to merge fully with our soul.  This is the hard work.  It is one thing to feel the inspiration in our heart, a clear memory of oneness and light, but it is another step to reach out from that place of oneness to the parts of us that feel very alone and discouraged.  It is by embracing our lost inner child that we become whole. That is how our soul becomes fully grounded and present on earth.  It is not so much about doing anything.  It is about turning inward, on all levels, and truly loving and understanding ourselves.

When we receive the gift of love, we automatically give it to others, and simply by being ourselves, we bring change into the world.  When that happens, we arrive at Christ-consciousness, and we feel deep peace within.

Christ-consciousness reaches out to both light and dark.  It understands darkness from within.  There is no judgement, no struggle between light and dark from the perspective of Christ-awareness. There is just deep acceptance of life as it is.  

The secret of life is to create a life that expresses our truest self, which is our soul.  To do this we need to become aware of who we are and what is the function of the soul.  What is our soul's agenda?  Why are we here? What is our life about?  This is our homework, once we figure this out, we need to live from our soul's agenda.  Expressing our soul’s light begins within, and from this inner work all else will follow effortlessly.

"Our soul's agenda is to announce and to declare, to express and to fulfill, to become and to experience the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about who we really are. To know who we really are." (Neale Donald Walsch in CWG)

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